Fighting with Suge Knight is never a great policy, but it seems like every few years someone steps up to the plate to take a few swings (or shots) at the former Death Row honcho. His most recent fight apparently occurred after a man named Tobias Bell approached Suge at Los Angeles' Aria Hotel and asked if he killed Tupac Shakur.

After the incident, a video clip of the incident quickly spread. Both fighters were restrained after an intense set of punches and ultimately went their separate ways, but Bell says that the fight isn't over. He has publicly challenged Knight to a rematch, calling out his credibility and saying this time he's seriously ready to rumble.

"Staples center, L.A. Live, whatever," Bell told TMZ when calling out Knight. Bell added that he would be far more prepared for the duo's second tussle.

Amazing as that would be, it's smarter for Knight to avoid additional altercations and just let this one go. He was arrested by the LAPD last December on a $40,000 bench warrant for failing to appear at a court date. Later in the month, most of his possessions were auctioned off on the program 'Storage Wars' to pay back the IRS $6.58 million in unpaid taxes.

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