Young Money's Mack Maine recently made a statement regarding Superhead Kat Stacks, denying any kind of sexual relationship with her. "I'm a true boss so I never really paid it attention or gave feedback. I just kinda laughed it off and continued getting money. I'm gonna go on record and say, let her do what she do and enjoy her 3 seconds of fame. I never met shorty. I never saw her face to face. I really wanna thank her because she showed me who's who [in my life]. People came at me like, "I know you didn't do that." It's like, do you believe everything you hear? I'm not worried about the fans believing the media, but it's the people that really know you who chastise you without even asking you, like, "You out there sleeping with these types of chicks?" Definitely a true boss. [Bossip]

If you're a young actor, 'Precious' star Gabourey Sidibe will hit on you for like, 8 minutes, yo. "I use any event to hit on a young man! [I'll do it] at the gas station! I just like hitting on people, I'm into boys! Recently, Sex and the City, the guy that plays Smith – Jason Lewis, I believe his name is – he's hot! I hit on him for four straight minutes the other night! Here's how I open up: 'Hi, you are hot! What's up with that? Take down these digits!' He was very, very, very nice. I'm sure I scared him off a little bit, I can be quite aggressive. It hasn't slowed me down though! I hit on Orlando (Bloom) – eight straight minutes of hitting on him! I time it, I have a notebook for this!" That's pretty gangster. [ContactMusic]

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