Everything Pharrell touches turns to gold these days (or at least it seems that way). The latest example is his guest spot on Major Lazer's 'Aerosol Cans' which has been brought to life on the canvas in this new video.

The heavily tattooed artist seen in this visual is Mike Giant, who brings Pharrell's every word to the white wall for this extremely creative effort.

The Diplo-produced track also allows Skateboard P to flex his rhyming skills.

"Yo! When I was young and my dad had a reefer house / I’d catch a contact and talk like Eek-A-Mouse / Go to school act like I’m pulling reefer out / Kinda funny 'cause I used to freak my teachers out / Like 'dong dong diddy dong dong' seen? / So much mi go teach ya bout / Peace to the one Black Chiney and the heaters out / In the club, everybody on Sinatra / Look around, everybody on Sinatra / I ain’t talking bout this s--- they call Coke and vodka / I’m talking 'bout this s--- you snort and go ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha," Pharrell raps.

'Aerosol Cans' is featured on Major Lazer's recently released 'Apocalypse Soon' EP, which you can purchase now on iTunes.