Remember when Lupe Fiasco promised that he was going to drop two more albums after DROGASLight? Well, scratch that. It’s not going to happen.

On Saturday (Sept. 2), the Chicago rapper went on his Twitter account to revealed that he’s not releasing any more new projects in 2017. When a fan asked him where are his two other albums, Lupe delivered the bad news. "Promise broken. No more albums this year. Spread the word," he tweeted.

Lupe released DROGASLight back in February and it features the orchestral banger “Promise,” the strip club ode “Kill” (featuring Ty Dolla $ign & Victoria Monet) and the hip-pop banger “Pick Up the Phone.” While fans loved the album, it seemed that Lupe wasn't satisfied with the project. “Light is more of a curation of pre-existing material, which shared similar properties," he said. "The majority of the album is from the vaults and only a few new pieces were actually put down to fill out the vision. Anything that challenged the light feel to the album overall was rejected immediately.”

Nevertheless, Lupe has been dropping loose singles and videos, including, the politically-charged "Needles" and the "Jump" video.

But don't fret Lupe fans, the 35-year-old rapper will be performing a few concerts this fall so he might debut some new music then. "I'll be doing a few concerts through the end of the year. So I'll see some of y'all on the road live," he tweeted.

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