We are just a week away until Luke James releases his self-titled debut album on N.A.R.S./Island Records. On Tuesday (Sept. 16), the singer made the album available for streaming through his YouTube channel.

The 12-song collection (15 if you buy the deluxe version) features supple ballads detailing the ups and downs of love. All of the songs features James' piercing falsetto and his emotionally-wrecked lyrics.

The singer's previously released tunes 'Options' (Featuring Rick Ross), 'Dancing in the Dark' and 'Exit Wounds' are all included on the effort. On the deluxe version, James' superb cover of Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' is included.

As for new songs, the tender 'Love XYZ,' the doo-wop-inspired 'I Want You,' the funky 'Expose' and the seductive 'Make Love to Me' are major standouts on the collection.

Overall, this is one of the most musically diverse R&B albums of 2014. James covers a wide range of musical styles. From trap-R&B to pop ballads to traditional R&B, there's something for everyone on this project.

Luke James' self-titled album will hit stores on Tuesday (Sept. 23). You can pre-order the collection via iTunes.

Listen to the album below.

‘Luke James’ Tracklist
1. ‘Love XYZ'
2. ‘Dancing in the Dark’
3. ‘Don’t Do It’ (Interlude)
4. ‘Trouble’
5. ‘The Run’
6. ‘Glass House’
7. ‘Exit Wounds’
8. ‘TimeX’ (Interlude)
9. ‘Options’ (Featuring Rick Ross)
10. ‘Insane / Bombin’ Out’ (Interlude)
11. ‘I Want You’
12. ‘Expose’

Deluxe Edition
13. ‘Make Love to Me’
14. ‘Options’ (WolfJames Version)
15. ‘Stay With Me’

Listen to Luke James' Self-Titled Album