The cast of Love & Hip Hop showed how devoted they were to their relationships in last night's episode (Nov. 27). Juelz Santana and Kimbella have gone through a lot, especially at the height of Dipset's popularity. With a lot of patience and perseverance, the two seemed to be in a good place. But Juelz started putting in late hours a the studio--and was late to a family lunch. So Kimbella decided to find out what her husband was up to and found him at the studio with other women. She immediately told them to leave and even told Juelz's producer to stop bringing ladies to the studio. And the couple had a serious talk about how he was going to handle (or not handle) these other women.

Meanwhile, it looked like Cardi B's relationship with Tommy was starting to go down the drain because of her growing closeness with Swift. We found out in last week's episode that he's had a girlfriend for two years, but it was clear that his relationship couldn't stop his attraction to Cardi B. And while the two were working in the studio, their flirtation led to a kiss that left Cardi hot and bothered. After meeting with Bianca and telling her what happened, B told Cardi she cheated; but Cardi was adamant that it was only one time and that she didn't even remember if she kissed Swift back.

Bianca pointed out that Cardi cheated, but she's in her own sticky situation. After killing a showcase performance, Yandy introduced her to DJ Drewski of Hot 97. But what Yandy didn't realize was that Bianca and Drewski already knew each other from when Bianca was still known as Young B. And the tension was high from the moment the two were left alone. Although Drewski laid on the charm, Bianca held back because Drewski was known for being a player. But she was baffled by the fact that Drewski actually had a girlfriend named Sky. And while some would back off at that moment, Bianca told Cardi that she was ready to end that relationship and move in on Drewski. But will she be successful?

Snoop has had her own issues with her lady J. Adrienne. Snoop is known for flirting, and J. Adrienne wasn't about that life and was ready to bust anyone who comes near her lady. In an effort ease her mind, the couple meet with Juelz and Kimbella, who explain their situation and how to deal with it. And from that moment, J. Adrienne felt a little better and knew she had Kimbella in her corner. However that ease left as quickly as it came because Snoop then met Sofi Green. While the singer, actress and MTV VJ was meant to meet with DJ Self about Gwinin, Sofi was instantly drawn to The Wire alum and instantly set up a chat with Snoop to talk about sex and her toy line. And while the flirting was light during the initial meeting, it got pretty heavy when Sofi started feeding strawberries to Snoop during her podcast and filmed it for social media.

J. eventually saw it and quickly pounced on Snoop about the situation. Not only did she recount everything she gave up to come to New York again, she also was genuinely hurt that Snoop would even do this -- even if it was all for business.

Finally, we've got this season's Love & Hip Hop model couple, Remy Ma and Papoose. Since their conversation about Pap's idea to expand his managing business, Remy wanted to meet these new clients, only to find out they were her children. After having a laugh and then listening to their bars, she pointed out that her step-daughter cursed too much in her verse while her son quickly started talking about popping someone, which she also didn't approve of. While Papoose explained it was how the kids expressed themselves, Remy wanted to make sure they knew that the kids weren't going to ride on their parents' coattails and how hard the work was going to be. However she was going to give them a chance to work with they had and actually record it.

That's all for this week, but be sure to tune in next week to find out how all the cheating hearts get caught and if Remy's kids actually record their own songs.

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