There used to be breaks between seasons of Love & Hip Hop, but now VH1 wants to keep that momentum going. So we're back to New York City for the seventh season of Love & Hip Hop. And it's obvious that the cast was keeping themselves busy while we were gone.

Remy Ma and Papoose ended season six on the sweetest of notes by tying the knot. And while the two are happier than ever and Remy's career is starting to pop off following her extended hiatus, Papoose felt it was time to sit down with her and talk over a few things. First, he told her that since he's done a great job at managing her over the years, he wanted to take on new clients. While Remy joked about taking half his profits as his wife, she was clearly supportive. However the next topic started to hit hit a snag when Papoose brought up the promise that Remy made when they got married -- have a baby with him. Since he career has been gaining momentum with her feature in Fat Joe's "All the Way Up," she felt that having a baby now wouldn't be the best idea. And although Papoose looked disappointed, he let the subject go, at least for now.

Ever since she appeared on the show last season, Cardi B's life did a 180. Her music career is starting to take shape. She has a producer, Swift, who's making great music with her, and she's being given the A-list treatment. The only issue was her man, Tommy, who's still serving his prison sentence for another 18 months. Not only does she miss him, trying to stay celibate was starting to get to her.

And now that she's working with Swift, who she's very attracted to, it's getting harder to staying committed. It also didn't help that Swift had been coming on to her since their performance together. But while Cardi was feeling all the attention, we found out that Swift's also in a two-year long distance relationship with a girl named Asia, who's living in London. Asia was well aware of Cardi's existence when Swift Facetimed with his girlfriend and warned her man not to do anything but business with Cardi. Unfortunately for Asia, Swift was with Cardi, who wanted to get her teeth fixed, and wanted support from her producer.

With Mendeecees still in prison, Yandy had been doing her best to keep everything together. However her relationship with Samantha, Lil Mendeecees' mother, was still on the rocks. The two ladies met up to smooth things over, but it immediately turned into a sparing match between the two. Samantha accuses Yandy of not respecting her as Lil Medeecees' mother when Yandy brought him to see his father in jail. Meanwhile, Yandy said that Samantha was trying to tear the whole family apart and not respecting her husband's wishes. Who do you side with?

Aside from her issues with Samantha, Yandy and Kimbella, who was once her best friend, had a falling out. And now, Kimbella's man, Juelz Santana was trying to fix the mess between the two ladies. Although, it made us wonder if it was for the sake of Yandy and Kimbella's friendship or was it a way to make it OK for him to ask help from Yandy with his career? Either way, Juelz met up with Yandy to catch up but also see if he could convince her to meet with Kimbella.

Yandy eventually agreed, and the two had one helluva a heart-to-heart, completely with yelling and tears. But while other arguments have ended on bad notes, this one ended with a reconciliation because, in the end, they're sisters and always had each others backs.

While Peter, Tara and Amina look like they've set this season out, Snoop and her lady J. Adrienne, have joined the cast. Felicia "Snoop" Pearson was best known for her role on The Wire. Snoop first appeared on the premiere by catching up with the Creep Squad. But that was short-lived after DJ Self dared her to hit on a woman at the bar. Little did he know that was J. Adrienne, Snoop's girlfriend, who just moved to New York from Chicago.

We learned a little bit more about their relationship and found out that it was long distance until that point. And while it's been going well, J. Adrienne felt a little neglected because of Snoop's schedule as well as her need to flirt back with fans. J. Adrienne showed her true colors when the couple went to dinner and a couple of fans interrupted to take selfies and flirt with Snoop. And after all she had to go through with the move to New York and leaving her son behind in Chicago, we can't blame her too much for being a little sensitive during dinner.

After all that happened in the premiere, this season of Love & Hip Hop will be another explosive one. Tune in next week to find out what happens next.

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