After a quick break, Love & Hip Hop returned for its reunion show on Monday (March 21) night. With most of the cast in attendance, a look back on the volatile sixth season would bring more flair-ups and fights than your average reunion.

Nina Parker returned to her hosting and moderating duties and started the show by congratulating Tara Wallace, who will be giving birth to her third child in a few weeks. Of course, Amina Buddafly, who's married to Peter Gunz (Tara's baby daddy), didn't look pleased.

Later on in the show, the two argued about who really has the right to have Peter's baby. Tara claimed that her on-and-off relationship with Peter for the past decade qualifies her to be with him and carry his child. She also said that she doesn't need to marry Peter because of things like immigration papers. Meanwhile, Amina clapped back by saying that she's his wife and no matter what Tara says, she's just a side piece. When Nina asked Peter about his thoughts on the matter, he offered that he wasn't the "marrying type" when he first got with Tara and that he did love Amina, which is why he married her.

While Tara thought she won the battle for Peter, Amina slipped in some news that no one expected -- she's pregnant again and Peter's the father.

Speaking of buns in the oven, MariahLynn revealed that she was previously pregnant, and that Rich Dollaz was the father. Though she didn't go into any other details and the only baby she talks about is her new little sister, it's safe to say she aborted that child.

The arguments continued with Rah Ali and Yandy Smith. Despite Remy Ma and Papoose's wedding going smoothly, Rah and Yandy were ready to let the claws out behind the scenes. Their passive-aggressive attitudes toward each other came out in full force in the reunion when Rah called Yandy out for acting ignorant, citing problems like the bottle-throwing incident at Gwinnin Fest XL. Yandy continued to claim that she didn't know that Rah had issues with one of Yandy's friends. And although Remy tried to remain neutral, she did side with Rah over Yandy acting too innocent sometimes; despite everyone knowing she's aware of the problems.

Rah's attack continued when she explained her work with Sexxy Lexxy and MariahLynn. Not only did she defend her decision to let MariahLynn perform at her fashion show (instead of Lexxy), but she also called Miss Moe Money the biggest problem of BBOD. And while Moe has tried to be calmer since she and Lexxy reformed the group, she still defended herself.

While Rah seemed to be the center of the problems that night, it was the fight between MariahLynn and Lexxy that really had everyone on edge. It started off as a discussion about MariahLynn's and Moe's relationships with Cisco Rosado, but the focus turned to Lexxy and ML's issues with each other. Lexxy declared that ML wasn't anything to her, and Mariah claimed that Lexxy said ML was so small that she could blow her away. And the moment MariahLynn stepped up and challenged Lexxy to blows, with the two women getting ready to rumble. And although it didn't look like there was direct contact, ML wasn't afraid to take aim at Lexxy -- she threw both of her shoes at her. Moe, now the calmer person, told her BBOD sister that they should step out for a bit to cool down.

If you think this was all that went down at the reunion, be sure to tune in next week to see what other problems are rehashed, discussed and fought over in Part Two of the Love & Hip Hop Reunion.

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