After another season of tears, thrown drinks and bitch slaps, Love & Hip Hop's sixth season came to a close on Monday night (March 7). Despite all the drama that went down over the last few months, it ends on a high note with Remy Ma and Papoose's dream wedding.

Despite a last-minute change on the venue, Remy finally got her winter wonderland. But before the two love birds said "I do," Remy had to diffuse a few situations. Her wedding coordinator seemed to be doing more bad than good. When Remy arrived at the venue, the ice skating rink was nowhere to be found, and then later her coordinator couldn't find the officiant.

But before Remy could blow a fuse, the coordinator pulled through on getting that rink. Meanwhile Rah Ali investigated the missing officiant situation. Ready to yell at Papoose, he eased his bride's nerves by telling her that he found the pastor who initially married him and Remy over the phone while she was in jail. He was the one who will be marrying them again. Taken aback, Rah was touched by the gesture but didn't expect Papoose's conversation with her after. He expressed his concern over Rah and Remy's friendship and what Rah's intentions are with it. After talking it out, the two were on the same page:  keep Remy safe and away from trouble. By the end of the conversation, they hugged it all out.

Once those details were sorted out, Remy still had two emotional conversations before she walked down the aisle. First, she had to hash things out with her little sister, who Remy felt didn't respect her. After her sister explained that Remy went to jail when she was only 16 years old and didn't know how to feel about it, Remy saw where her lil sis was coming from and the two finally worked it out. Then Remy and her son Jayson exchanged some words before they walked down the aisle. While he does love Papoose, he reminded his mom that he's the number one man in her life.

The wedding was a lavish affair and filled with many of this season's stars including Rich Dollaz, Cisco Rosado and Peter Gunz of the Creep Squad, Mendeecees Harris and Yandy Smith-Harris and, surprisingly, Cardi B. Other stars included Ice-T and Coco as well as Keyshia Cole, who was one of Remy's bridesmaids. Papoose was all smiles standing onstage with the pastor, but it was obvious that he started to break down when he saw Remy enter the venue. The ceremony was beautiful and filled with love, which brought tears to everyone's faces.

Following the ceremony, Papoose made sure to remind Remy about her big promise to him -- have another baby. And although she wants to get her career on track, she agreed.

Everyone partied it up at the reception, except for Yandy and Mendeecees. After being sentenced to eight years in prison, Mendeecees has been spending every moment he can with Yandy and the family. And that night was going to be one of the last date nights Mendeecees would have with his wife for a long time. So he surprised her with a private slow dance where the two of them could just be a couple in love.

While there was love in the air, Peter got more hate than love on this particular night. After revealing to the guys that he was going for a vasectomy, he finally told Amina Buddafly, who he invited to the wedding as his guest, the news. Unsurprisingly, she was not only angry but also offended. Not only did she abort her own baby, Peter's last child is with his mistress, Tara Wallace, and not his wife, Amina. Despite her tears, she finally said the words we've been waiting all series-long to hear. "I don't want to be with you anymore," she said before closing the door in Peter's face.

While the focus of the sixth season finale was on Remy and Papoose's wedding, the episode couldn't end without some words from the other cast members this season. BBOD announced that they would be managing themselves and have been doing lots of press to promote their new single. Bianca Bonnie, still flying high over win at Gwinnin Fest XL, is ready to take the next step for her big comeback. MariahLynn is done with the guys (for now) and is focused on her career and her new baby sister. Cardi B, who was at the wedding and caught Cisco's eye, is focused on getting her music career on track and is still debating over whether she'll be marrying her incarcerated man, Tommy. Then there's Tara, who is seen celebrating her baby shower with Peter. And although he is the father of her baby, she wants to focus on being an independent woman and putting her career and children first.

And with that, another season of Love & Hip Hop comes to a close. But don't think we're done with Remy, Rah, Yandy and Cari B just yet. Stay tuned for the reunion episodes in the coming weeks.

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