When we last caught up with the cast of Love & Hip Hop, DJ Self was just about to announce the winner of Gwinnin Fest XL. And this week, we find out that the winner is Bianca Bonnie. It's clear that all that hard work and lecturing from Yandy Smith really did pay off.

While Yandy is so proud of her artist, she has a lot of other things to tackle at the moment. First, there's the issue between her and Rah Ali. After Rah threw a bottle at one of Yandy's friends at Gwinin Fest, Rah admitted to Remy Ma that the issues with her and Yandy have been going on for some time. Meanwhile, Yandy says she's not aware of Rah's problems with her. Either way, these two woman have some beef with each other. But because they're helping with Remy's upcoming wedding, the two have to be civil -- at least for now.

Aside from that drama, Mendeecees Harris has officially been sentenced to eight years in prison, which, as we previously reported, he started in January. While he doesn't look forward to going back to jail, his primary worry is his kids.

So he and Yandy set up a dinner with Aasim's mom, Erika, Lil Mendeecees' mother, Samantha, his own mom, Judy, and Samantha's mom, Kim. Now if you remember last year's water-throwing incident between Judy and Kim, this is already a high-pressure situation. And as soon as the women start explaining their feelings regarding Mendeecees' request to see his kids while in prison, Samantha said she had some reservations about it. This immediately sparked a comment from Judy referring to Samantha's own night in jail and then fueled another argument. However, by the end of the spat, all the women eventually agreed that he will still have contact with his children while in jail.

While Mendeecees is prepping for his incarceration, Papoose is making sure Remy Ma, who's still on parole, stays out of trouble. However when he found out about the bottle-throwing incident at Gwinnin Fest, he was very concerned and confronted Remy about it.

Seeing the worry on his face and realizing that Papoose hasn't moved on from the many years he spent without Remy, she reassures him that she'll stay out of trouble because she wants their lives to go back to normal. So when she meets up with Yandy about her bachelorette party, she strongly advises Yandy that she doesn't want it to get to turnt up that it'll lead to trouble.

One person who's still in hot water is Peter Gunz. With Amina Buddafly still avoiding him and that moment he made his eldest daughter Whitney cry, he decided to take responsibility and make sure Tara and the baby are doing well. However, when he drops by Tara's appointment with the doctor, he and Tara find out that they're having another boy. While he was happy with the news, he told Tara that he's taking steps toward a vasectomy. She was surprised, but supported his decision. But, we wonder what Amina will say when she finds out? Considering the fact that he's having another baby with his side piece instead of his wife, we can only imagine how this situation could pan out.

Tara finally met up with Yandy for an overdue catch-up. And to Yandy's surprise, Tara looks different. She finally admits that she's having Peter's baby, which disappoints Yandy because her friend is having a child with a married man. While she thinks Tara is crazy, she's going to support her friend.

Despite loosing at Gwinnin Fest, BBOD doesn't let that sidetrack them from their dreams of a record contract. So the hip-hop duo team up with Naughty by Nature's Treach, who is directing their new video.

Since Cardi B wasn't invited to Gwinnin Fest, she wanted to make sure DJ Self knew how she felt about it. When the two met up, she really gave him a piece of her mind. Not only was she upset that he's been putting BBOD's music on rotation, she also felt like he completely backed out of his promise to support her career and wasn't loyal. By the end of the conversation, Cardi B walks away feeling victorious, especially knowing that Cardi is the only person she needs to get her career on track.

Be sure to tune in next week for more of the fights, drama and Remy and Papoose's wedding!

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