Since the beginning of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's fourth season, Hazel-E was on a mission to show all the women of Hollywood that she's the boss of this town. And on last night's episode (August 21), she showed that off to Chanel West Coast. Chanel, who has been collaborating with Safaree, initially teamed up with Hazel to work on her video for "New Bae," but the partnership looked sour ever since the two ladies met. From the the moment Hazel met Chanel, she was already throwing shade at the young rapper.

At first, Chanel rolled with it. However once the two got on set, Hazel made it a point to show everyone who was boss. She took over the directing roll, never sent anyone a video treatment to know what was going down that day and finally expected Chanel to learn a dance routine in a matter of minutes. When Chanel began to push back on some of Hazel's demands, Hazel retaliated and eventually had security kick Chanel off the set. But wasn't this whole setup for Chanel's video, not Hazel's? Meanwhile, Safaree looked on and as very confused by what was happening.

Even though Moniece and Nia tried to get Cisco to help them put Teairra in rehab for her excessive drinking, the couple's trip to the "spa" to get a "detox drip" in order to flush Teairra's liver out wasn't enough for her friends. So Moniece and Nia crashed Cisco's hangout with A-1 to confront Tea Tea's boyfriend about what he's done. Unfortunately, he didn't enjoy having Moniece in his face and called the ladies out on saying that Teairra needed help but didn't actually do anything for her. Moniece was so offended by Cisco's words that she had to walk away. But as the episode continued, it seemed like Moniece was pretty close to done with helping Teairra. When she and Nia talked to Tea about it, she didn't take it well and felt they never had her back.

But just because Teairra felt that her friends weren't really there for her, she also felt the same with Cisco and got mad at him for that. Cisco was now seeing how much drama was in Teairra's life. And while we thought that things could get better for them, they got worse. When we thought that Cisco had a present for Teairra to make up for their argument, it was actually some lingerie for another woman. Since he didn't want to be around so much drama, he called up his friend (with benefits) Amber. She's under the impression that she's the only woman in his life, and Cisco, being a member of the Creep Squad, went along with it.

Meanwhile, Alexis was still upset over the fact that Solo Lucci's baby mama crashed her shoot with Nikki. And to get even, she bombarded his interview by causing a ruckus and airing out his dirty laundry. But even though she looked made, Alexis was actually hurting as she tearfully expressed to Lyrica later in the episode.

Although Lyrica was there to lend an ear, she was going through her own issues with A-1. Even though he promised not to work with any other female artists, he couldn't pass up a chance to get in the studio with Keyshia. And as they were starting to collaborate, Lyrica barged in, signaling Keyshia's exit. Even though Lyrica had no problem with that collaboration, she was upset by the fact A-1 was just leaving her behind, especially since it was her songwriting that got his name out there. After saying how she felt, Lyrica rushed out in tears. But she eventually came back and explained that their marriage was more important than anything. In the end, A-1 knew realized he was wrong and apologized to his wife.

Finally, there's Zell and Mr. Ray. The last time they saw each other, the two made a mess of Masika's event. And this week was no better. After Ray found out that Masika was trying to patch things up with Zell at their favorite nail salon, Ray crashed the party and soon another brawl lashed out. Will these two ever get along? Probably not, but be sure to tune in next week to see what unfolds next.

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