After seeing the clash between Teairra's friends and Cisco, it seemed like that would cause Teairra to make a decision. However as we saw in last night's (August 14) episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Moniece, Nia and Cisco may be joining forces to get Teairra help for her alcoholism. But before they get to that point, Cisco was taken aback by Moniece and Nia's stories about Teairra's drunkeness.

It was so overwhelming that Cisco needed to let it soak in and have a conversation with Tea Tea herself. But when he confronted her, she got a little defensive but admitted that she tends to console a bottle of liquor before actually facing her issues. Cisco related to her troubles as he dealt with his own addictions. Despite trying to be stern with his girlfriend, Cisco couldn't help but be putty in Teairra's hands. Even though he didn't think rehab was the right solution for Teairra yet, that didn't mean Cisco was going to leave her high and dry. Instead he took her to a facility that did gave her a vitamin IV to flush out her system. He hoped that it would the first step towards her sobriety. Although it may not help Tea's actual drinking problems, it was nice to see her happy and in love for once.

Brooke may still be fuming yet heartbroken about Marcus' fling with Jade, but she won't let him off the hook that easily. Despite the fact that he set up a romantic date night for her, she told her that all the wining and dining won't change what he did. And on top of that she mentioned that she couldn't stay because she had a recording session with Booby. Now remember that Brooke and Booby have known each other since childhood, but last night's episode proved that there couldn't be something more brewing between the two. After chatting about having her collaborate with him in the studio, Brooke started to look at him in a different way, especially since his divorce with Keyshia was moving along. And after seeing these two in the studio, there's no doubt in our minds that something would eventually happen between Booby and Brooke.

Meanwhile Marcus met up with A1 and Solo Lucci to vent about the studio collaboration between Brooke and Booby. He was clearly jealous, but as he vented, A1 brought up the fact that he wanted to work with Keyshia. But after what happened with a previous female artist meeting last week, then it seemed like a bad idea. But in the end, he took the meeting with Keyshia, who was very interested in working with him. And after their meeting, both Keyshia and A1 were ready to get into the studio together. Now what will Lyrica think?

Meanwhile, Alexis Skyy realized that she and Solo Lucci weren't actually having a baby. However that didn't relieve of the drama in her life. Although she took a break from making Masika's life a living hell, Solo Lucci's ex and baby mama was ready to feed her the same medicine she was trying to give Masika. His ex bursted into her shoot with Nikki, which disrupted the whole shoot and embarrassed Alexis in from of everyone. Although Masika wasn't there to witness it, we're sure she's smiling about it somewhere in Hollywood.

Masika's smiles were short lived when Zell came to her makeup launch party. Although she did invite him, she thanked him for attending but blatantly pointed out that he was not her real friend. So Zell (being Zell) decided to cause a scene by laying on her display table while she and Mr. Ray were trying to introduce her new line of products. Unfortunately, they didn't get past the whole presentation because Zell and Ray started arguing to a point where security was called in and carried dragged away.

Be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens on the left coast next.

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