Last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood ended on a volatile note when Willie's supposed longtime mistress Kyesha arrived. After finding about all of their texting, Shanda quickly confronted her husband. Willie defended himself; explaining that there's nothing between the two--except that they used to date and Willie was consoling Kyesha because her mom just died. And apparently he thought sending her shirtless selfies would be comforting. Shanda wasn't buying it, so she called Kyesha and the conversation quickly turned sour.

Willie eventually admitted that he texted Kyesha and sent the photos, but that's all it was--talk. He swears he hasn't been having any sexual relations with that woman, despite the fact Kyesha mentioned that there was a baby. While Shanda walked away from the initial confrontation, she decided to let Kyesha explain everything. So Shanda and Willie met with Kyesha, who not only revealed that she miscarried the child since Shanda was pregnant at the same time--she also shared that she still loved Willie. The last statement set Shanda off, and she lounged at her. Security ran to the scene to separate the two; and while Shanda was ready to knock Kyesha out, she wasn't forgiving Willie immediately either. She knew they were both lying about something, but she wasn't sure about anything. Ultimately, Shanda walked away from Willie.

Meanwhile, Ray J and Princess celebrated their engagement with friends and family. Despite the snag with the preunp, the affair was happy. Princess did ask Ray's sister, Brandy, to be her maid of honor, which the singer gladly accepted. Unfortunately, things took a slight awkward turn when Ray J brought up the fact that he was told that Princess should sign a prenuptial agreement. But he quickly ended that awkwardness when he ripped up the contract. Everyone, except his mom, was happy about it. While Ray ripped up that inital copy, his mom has tons more hidden away.

Weddings aside, Ray is ready for the next step in his career, which doesn't deal with music. Instead, he started a company with these vehicles that are part bicycle and part scooter. To help with the launch, Ray enlisted Soulja Boy to be its first brand ambassador, which the rapper gladly accepted.

Ray might be happy, but Princess has been dealing with a few snags--including Moniece's wrath. While she thought she was being interviewed about the wedding, Princess was immediately asked to address Moniece's comments about having sex with Ray J before Princess. Although she was blindsighted, Princess kept her cool, addressed Moniece's comments and ended with a promise that she'll be coming for Moniece. Meanwhile, Teairra Mari showed the interview to Moeniece, who just laughed it off and didn't take it too seriously.

Finally, Max promised Brandi that he would make some money for their son's trust fund. So he came home with over $20,000 to start this new savings account. Brandi, who was shocked by the whole thing, promised to put it quickly in the bank while their son started making it rain.

But will Brandi actually make it over to the bank? You'll have to tune in next week to find out and see.

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