Love & Hip Hop showed us the "Creep Squad," which included Peter, Cisco and Rich. But after last night's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood (Sept. 5), Nikki could be the crew's latest member. After her relationship with Fizz faded, she decided to have some fun. Not only did she introduce us to her boyfriend, Safaree, also known as Nicki Minaj's ex, but she also showed us her new relationship with model and friend Rosa is beginning to heat up. While Nikki was allowed to enjoy herself and take her time exploring both of her new "friends," both Rosa and Safaree asked if she was seeing anyone else. And Nikki calmly, but quickly, said no. This set her on a path of lies that could explode in the future, or the next episode.

While Safaree started something with Nikki, his focus was actually getting back to his music. After the media firestorm following his breakup with that other Nicki, Safaree was ready to get back in the studio and even laid a few tracks with A-1. Now, if he could only avoid having to talk about his previous love life in every interview.

Speaking of A-1, he and his fiance, Lyrica, were happy in love. However they're having issues with their moms. First of all, A-1's mother had been living at their place, which was fine with Lyrica in the beginning, but she had overstayed her welcome. Then, there's the issue that A-1's and Lyrica's moms have with each other. Whenever the two meet, sparks fly -- and not the good kind. The four adults spent dinner together, but then everyone was separated by security because a full-blown fight went down. And although nothing could break A-1 and Lyrica's love for one another, their family was definitely a big wedge between them.

Things were still really tense between Max and Brandi. Since Brandi took their son's trust fund and invested it into her store without tell her husband, Max hadn't come home in two days. Instead he's been spending his time on the streets, in the studio or at the strip club. Despite Brandi's problem with her husband flinging dollar bills at the club, she held in any frustration to beg Max to come home. Despite her pleading, Max felt that she wasn't sorry about keeping the new store away from him and didn't appreciate they she used their son as bait to get him to come home. Brandi stood by her investment but started to make a scene when Max walked away from her because he couldn't listen anymore.

While some families were being broken, others were just beginning. Masika was just about to bring Fetty Wap to court in order to take a paternity test after she denied being the father of her baby.

However in this week's episode, the New Jersey rapper seemed to take turn over a new leaf. They met up, without the lawyers, and not only settled their differences but Fetty promised to be a dad to his new daughter. While Masika was relieved by the news, she worried when she went into labor and Fetty was unreachable. Luckily, she did get in touch with him. He quickly hopped on a plane and arrived just in time to see his new baby girl. While the two may no longer be in love, they promised to be the best parents their could to their new child.

Despite any drama that could ever happen on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, you can't knock a happy ending. But, of course, we know this won't last too long. So be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens next.


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