As the old saying goes, "The truth will set you free." And in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi Faust finally confronts the one thing that's been looming her for the past year -- that sex tape. And after all the rumors and speculation, she finally comes out with the truth.

However, it's not until this week that we find out who she tells first, and that's Eva's dad, Stevie J. She admitted that she did help Nikko London plan the release of the sex tape but didn't plan it out from the beginning. That was all Nikko.

She feels bad for lying to everyone for the whole year about her role in the tape, but she swears that he was the one who said that she should play innocent while Nikko takes the fall. Despite all she's done wrong and now deciding to expose what she actually did with the sex tape, Mimi feels better for finally coming out with it. And the best part is, Stevie's got her back. Even though he was taken aback by it all, he will still support her. Now will Ariane Davis do the same thing?

Like she told Mimi in last week's episode, Margeaux Simms asked Ariane to be part of her art show, which Ariane got agreed to and also fought with Mimi about. So this week, we see Ariane wearing nothing but body pant for Margeaux's show. While both women we're looking forward to the event, they get a surprise when Mimi shows up. After exchanging hugs and few loving words with Ariane, Mimi chats with Margeaux and comes out with her truth. And while we all knew this wouldn't go well, Mimi pretty much kept showing that what Margeaux was saying about the sex tape was true, except for the whole Nikko being thrown under the bus.

Coming to her husband's defense, Margeaux starts arguing with Mimi, forcing Ariane to step in. Taking Mimi outside, Ariane, who heard her best friend come out with the truth about the tape, confronted her about the lies. The two naturally start arguing in the middle of the parking lot, which ends in Mimi leaving. Will the two remain besties? We'll have to wait and see.

While it looked like Nikko and Margeaux were getting along at her art show, she definitely dropped a bomb on him later on. Margeaux stopped by Nikko's apartment and started apologizing for cheating on him in the past. And even though he did have a rough time with that, he was happy that they're in a better place and can now work on their marriage together in Atlanta. However, she has other plans. Margeaux wants to separate and feels they should just be with other people. She may love him, but she just thinks that they're "toxic for each other" that it needs to happen.

Ernest Bryant met with Scrappy for lunch to talk about wanting to propose to Momma Dee. And despite the issues they had in the past, Scrappy gives his blessing as long as Ernest promises to keep his mama happy. So when the couple went to church, Ernest brought Dee to the front of the congregation, made a sweet speech and got down on one knee. Completely surprised by the gesture, Momma Dee says yes and even sings her single "I Deserve," which gets the whole church cheering.

Things are just going south for Kalenna and Tony Harper. Tony, who's been working hard to get this new club open, didn't come home in the evening after work but the following morning. So a worried Kalenna blew up on him and asked him why he was out so late. With his cheating past, that becomes the first thing she thinks of. However, the conversation goes from infidelity to Kalenna's music career. And after all the screaming and some plate smashing, Tony tells Kalenna that she should start working on the music thing on her own. He then leaves a crying Kalenna crying in the kitchen.

However, that doesn't stop Kalenna from supporting her husband at the club opening. While she didn't really want to be there, she had to make sure their investment was doing okay and also support Joseline Hernandez's performance. After performing, Tony spoke to Stevie privately while Kalenna vented to Rasheeda Frost. While Tony released all the frustrations he's had with his wife, Kalenna taked about the fact that Tony is caring less about her music career. This leads Rasheeda to tell her to just do it on her own, fire Tony as her manager and meet with Gucci Mane's former manager Deb Antney to see if she would manage Kalenna instead. And with all that Kalenna has been going through, she immediately thinks that's a great idea.

Meanwhile Yung Joc is still homeless and has been staying on Sina's couch. And while he is tempted, Joc said he's been sleeping on the couch. And while Sina does love Joc and enjoy his company, she tells him to get his act together and stop hanging around with other women and just come home to her.

However, he explains that he still loves Khadiyah "KD" Lewis. But when he goes to see KD, things don't go too well there either. Not only did she think she was pregnant, but she also gave him an ultimatum -- be the right guy for her or she needs to move on. While a pregnancy test proved that she wasn't knocked up, Joc explained that he can't promise to marry her. And it's not just because he's technically still married to his wife, Alex. He just doesn't want to make that kind of commitment. And while KD is crying over the news, she won't accept his apology or take him back -- at least for now.

Is this the real end for Yung Joc and KD? Tune in next week to find out.

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