It's an episode of showdowns on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood this week as Princess confronts Teairra Mari for being dishonest and Jason Lee and Kamiah try to restore their relationship with Nikki but she isn't having it. On a more serious note, Miles is working up the nerve to tell Amber that he is gay.

But first up is Princess. After breaking up with Ray J, she packs up her things to move out of their house. But the wounds from Teairra's betrayal are still fresh so she invites her to a day party to expose her sneaky ways.

On the other side of town, Hazel-E has a new place in the Hills and invites Teairra to stunt a little bit. The two sip on cold drinks while taking in the view of Hollywood and exchange gossip on their lives including Hazel-E's run in with Jason Lee.

Later, at the day party, Teairra tells Princess that she sent a text to Ray J about their trip to Las Vegas. Princess relays that she felt their friendship was a genuine one but now she knows otherwise. As emotions get riled up, Princess starts tearing up, which moves her to swing at Teairra. No matter what, Princess says Ray J will never want the 27-year-old singer. In return, Teairra spits at her. Apryl, who's usually a peacemaker, says she tired of dealing with the craziness around her life. Princess comes for Teairra once again and threatens Moniece. This madness never seems to end.

Viewers finally catch up with Brandi this week as well, who's working out with Nikki in the park. Brandi admits that things are not good with her husband and they've been fighting since she busted in on his studio session. Nikki shares that she's dating Fizz. They also talk about the confrontation between Jason Lee and Hazel-E.

But work isn't getting done while they're sitting around spilling the tea. Nikki keeps it moving and throws a beauty bar event. Jason Lee decides to go to make amends for himself and for Kamiah -- whom he brought along. The conversation immediately starts off wrong when Brandi comes at him and in turn, he calls her a chihuahua.

The confrontation heats up and Brandi throws water on Jason. Everyone continues to argue but Kamiah tries to break through the loudness to talk to Nikki. However, Nikki isn't having it. She escorts the two out and Jason threatens to put the entire incident on his blog.

Willie Taylor meets with an industry insider, Screwface, who can offer him a deal with a major record label. There's one problem though: Willie is signed to an independent label already that's invested some serious cash into him. And although his album is done, it's been on ice. It must be extremely stressful, especially as his wife, Shanda is stressing about the bills that keep piling up.

She is still adamant about returning to stripping but Willie assures her that everything will be alright. He also tells her that she can get a "regular job" if she wants but she retorts that they need more than "regular money." He then goes to meet with the independent label owner, Harry, to end their business relationship but it's inconclusive.

Miles is shooting his first music video for a song called "West Coast" but his mind is elsewhere. Milan still isn't taking his calls -- he's screening them while at the beach for a photoshoot. The aspiring rapper decides to call Amber instead -- to suggest they go to a therapist. Amber agrees.

Afterwards, Amber meets up with her sister to discuss Miles. She's feeling hopeful with the thought of counseling in the future but little does she know what's in store for her. While Amber is at brunch, Miles heads to church and finally works up the nerve to tell her that he is in love with Milan. Miles is worried that his family and close friends may not love him after they learn his secret but he doesn't want to live in the closet anymore.

With the help of a therapist, Miles starts to open up about his feelings in a practice run before Amber shows up. In his practice apology, he starts to apologize for lying to her but breaks down in tears halfway through the conversation. He says it's because he doesn't want to hurt Amber, but she's just arrived and she's coming through the door. Looks like we won't find out what happens between these two until next week.

Watch all the drama go down in the full episode here.

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