This week's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' starts right where last week's left off. But instead of jumping straight into the drama, we're going to mix things up and start by recapping what has to be one of the happiest moments in this reality TV show history: the birth of Apryl and Omarion's baby boy.

After months -- and episodes -- of familial and baby drama, Apryl is counting down the hours to taking that step and officially entering into motherhood with her man right by her side. Ready for mini Omari to pop out, the mother-to-be and her hubby take a walk around their neighborhood to help speed up the birthing process, but the walk turns into something a bit more heartfelt -- something viewers don't get to see much on #LHH.

Not one to open up about her personal life on the show, Apryl lets her guard down for the cameras while opening up to Omarion about her seemingly non-existent relationship with her mother. Looking for ways to reach out for advice on parenthood, Apryl admits she's jealous of Omari's relationship with his mom, Leslie, because as crazy as she might be there's no question that she loves her son. Apryl knows her mom loves her, but doesn't think she knows how to act on the word. That's one issue the Taiwanese and Black beauty hopes to never encounter with her son.

But once all the nerves about becoming a mother are in the open, Apryl's water breaks while she's sleeping and her baby boy is on the way. Only allowing the midwife and Apryl's best friend into the bedroom for the couple's at-home water birth, Hollywood's newest parents pace back and forth in between contractions to help ease the pain. The couple didn't allow VH1 to capture the complete birthing process, but they did opt to share snippets of their own home videos and photos taken during Apryl's labor. And every #LHH viewer across America was surely saying, "Aww," as 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's' ninth episode closed with Megaa sleeping across daddy's chest.

As for the actual reason #LHH pulls in approximately two million viewers each week -- give or take the previous storyline -- Nikki Baby, Hazel E, Masika and Teairra Mari couldn't resist letting an old fashion girl fight take place during Masika's Ace of Diamonds unveiling. And quite honestly, fans didn't want them to.

Miss Nikki's blood pressure hit an all-time high when she found herself caught off guard by Masika Kalysha's being the face of Las Vegas' latest strip club. Generally, no one would care, except for the fact that Nikki's family owns the property the venue sits on. Of course Nikki Baby feels the need to try and flex her power to block Masika Kalysha's face from sitting on billboards because mommy and daddy own the building, but that's not how the real world works. She would know that if she actually had to work.

Needless to say, all four of #LHH's main girls square off because Nikki can't keep her cool. But the crazy thing is, the square off had nothing to do with Masika or Nikki. It was all about Hazel E and her inability to let go of Yung Berg. Hazel feels the need to turn all the way up. But if everyone is telling her she's crazy, maybe she needs to stop and think that maybe she's crazy.

But going back to the deranged world of Nikki Mudarris; it's clear she's beyond obsessed with Masika even though she tries to flip the script and say it's the other way around. After attending the Ace of Diamonds event, the queen of all-plastic everything goes to lunch with her mom at Panino in Beverly Hills. Right behind them is a massive billboard with Masika's face shining brightly, and Nikki can't help but feel the need to take a few pictures.

While it's clear her mother is just as crazy as she is, she asks the one question everyone is thinking: "What are you obsessing about?" Nikki begs her mom to get Masika's face off the billboards, but unfortunately for her, that's just not possible. "Sam has a lease, so he can put whomever he wants on his billboards," Mrs. Mudarris tells her daughter. But to help her little princess feel better, mama shares a few mugshot photos of Masika from back in the day when she was arrested for shoplifting at 16. So, who cares? Who doesn't have a mugshot these days?

Meanwhile, Willy Norwood, Sr., asks his son to meet him across town. With all of Ray J's psychotic outbursts, papa feels the need to intervene and tell his son to "pull back." Being arrested for kicking out a window of of a police car and sexually assaulting a woman in a club seem to be all the self-proclaimed bad boy of Hollywood can handle under his new title because he couldn't deal with the fact that he was facing jail time.

Luckily for him, he was only sentenced to three years probation, 100 hours of community service and mandatory anger management classes. Regardless of Ray's legal outcome, there are a few things his father wants him to understand. "There's a war going on inside. And you know who's losing? You," Willy, Sr. says. "Sometimes you gotta be the bigger person, Ray. You can't always be the one that feels like you're the victim."

Stay tuned until next week.

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