In the land of Botox and silicone, Mally Mall, Masika and Miss Nikki Baby picked up right where they left off last Monday night: in the middle of a love (or war) triangle.

After her backyard blow out with Masika, Nikki Mudarris (aka the girl made of plastic) goes to see "her man" over lunch to talk about the fight that went down with his two-week fling. When Nikki walks into the restaurant, she sees the floor covered with red rose petals and Cali's biggest playboy waiting for her with a glass of champagne. Mally says he has two things to give Nikki to make up for his bad behavior: an empty jewelry box that symbolizes how he felt when she wasn't around, and a jewelry box with the key to his house so she can "move in slowly but surely."

Nikki says she's moving in tomorrow, but needs Mally to have Masika over with herself present on her man's lap while he tells his video vixen that Nikki is his woman. Mally's first response, "So you can't just take my word for it?" Everyone knows that's the first sign of someone subliminally saying "you know I'm lying so I'm going to try to make you feel bad about it." But hey, when it comes to the Los Angeles-bred Barbie, it doesn't take much to make her believe the sky is falling. Unfortunately, Nikki's problem is she's having a really hard time accepting the truth about Mally Mall being a dog. He's clearly fluent in woof, but she keeps translating into "maw maw maw maw maw maw maw maw" (Linus van Pelt voice -- that's for the 'Charlie Brown' fans). But for some reason, VH1 viewers just don't feel that bad for her.

To make matters worse, Teairra Mari and Miss Nikki magically become friends -- please note the two didn't say one word to each other during Morgan's backyard spa day -- and the former Def Jam singer let's Morgan's need to share pre-surgery pictures of Nikki slip. So when the strip club heiress arrives at Ray J's 'ATM' video shoot with some of her baddest strippers girls, it's clear she has an ulterior motive for showing up to the set.

Nikki wastes no time confronting Morgan, calling her phony for showing Masika old pictures of her before her plastic surgery. VH1 cuts straight to the confessional tape, and all Morgan has to say is, "Bitch is calling me fake and she got more plastic in her than a Lego factory. Oh, hell no."

The two get loud, and of course Ray can't help but step in and separate the two. Nikki understands that's her cue to bounce, but Morgan doesn't have that same option. He tells Morgan this is a professional set so she needs to get it together. Then he brings up the fact that he heard she's been talking to Teairra Mari, and according to Ray, there's a new addendum to her contract as an assistant: if you work for me you can't speak to her.

So after getting a lecture from her boss about her unprofessional antics, Morgan goes to see Yesi from Power 106 and breaks down about the things going on between her and Brandy's little brother. "I'm tired of being loyal to people who aren't loyal to me." Yesi asks, "Have you ever thought about separating yourself from Ray and transitioning yourself?" Morgan can't help but let Yesi in and explain to her why Ray J is so important in her life. "As a child I didn't know what love meant. I raised myself. My mom dropped me off in foster care and never came back... he's family. I don't think he knows how much he's done for me."

Looks like Morgan has some thinking to do.

Meanwhile, Masika goes over to Mally's L.A. condo to speak with him after he repeatedly called her asking her to come over. Mally gets his Beyonce on because he totally plays Masika to the left, and pretty much tells her their relationship was a two-week fling and she needs to let it go. Then, five seconds later Nikki walks in, and things just get worse from there. The moral of this triangle is Mally Mall is the ultimate liar and Miss Nikki Baby is, well, there are no words for her.

But before we wrap up another week of cat fights, dog fights and everything in between, all viewers can finally breathe now that Hazel-E has come to her senses and realized Yung Berg is just not that into her. Also, Omarion bans his mother from the birth of his and Apryl's son.

Until next week.

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