While we've been enjoying the craziness that the new members of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast have been bringing to the fifth season, it's always good to see original members come back to the show.

And luckily for fans, Joseline Hernandez finally returned to the show last night (April 25). After spending some time in Los Angeles with Stevie J to launch their film careers, among other opportunities, she came back to Atlanta to take care of business and tie up loose ends. But first she wanted to meet up with her man get some icy treatment.

After the fun stuff, it was back to work. Joseline was planning a party to celebrate her new video, and the first person she wants to invite is Tommie, who she grew close to while in L.A. However, when Tommie came over to catch up, Joseline had some tea to serve her that would rock Tommie's world. But before the Puerto Rican Princess shared the info, she made sure to keep Tommie in check and reminded her to act like a lady. However, that became difficult when Josefine revealed Scrapp had another woman in his life who's outlast both Tommie and Tiarra. Trying to keep it together, Tommie was ready to let her claws out but would wait until Joseline's party.

Meanwhile, Tiarra practically threatened Scrapp with the fact that he'll no longer have contact with their song and even tried to punch him before she was taken away at their meeting last week.

While she doesn't feel bad about hitting Scrapp, she did regret the ruckus she and Tommie caused at the party Mimi threw for her boo, Chris. And thanks to Jessica Dime, Tiarra had the chance to apologize to Mimi and explain her situation with Scrapp, aka Stevie's nephew. After hearing about Scrapp, Tiarra's son and Tommie, Mimi recalled her previous issues with Joseline and Stevie. Once she knew what was happening, Mimi gave Tiarra a past as well as some support and advice -- talk to Karen "KK" King, Scrapp's mom, and make things good with her.

Following her chat with Mimi, Tiarra met up with Scrapp and told him that he needed to tell his mom to treat Tiarra better and actually talk to her before he can see their child again. With time ticking away till he goes to prison, Scrapp is forced to meet with his mom about this situation.

Unfortunately, KK admitted that even though she loved her son, she'll never be nice to Tiarra. Of course, this left Scrapp in a bind and on bad terms with his mom.

As we saw in previous episodes, Rasheeda was having issues with her family and their lack of care for her shop, Pressed. And when she held a staff meeting with her employees, Kelsey, her step-daughter, was late. Then when she finally showed up, Kelsey said that she had her child to feed, which apparently none of the other women, who already had grown children, ever understood.

The meeting seemed to get worse when Kirk decided to roll in unannounced, and the conversation moved from what logistics of the shop and to Kelsey's burgeoning music career. After lots of whining from Kelsey, Kirk agreed to let her daughter to perform at his upcoming showcase, which Rasheeda thought would be a disaster.

While Rasheeda can't control that situation, she tried to mediate the problem between her husband and Lil Scrappy. Catching up with him at his new business, both parties explained their sides. And even though Scrappy was still upset about Kirk's words at his party, Rasheeda invited him to Kirk's showcase to smooth things over.

Karlie Redd is the one castmate who's tried to stay out of the drama even though she tends to ignite it. And with her new work with Playboy as well as the success of her LA clothing store, she was getting everything she wanted. And that's something that both her boyfriend, Lyfe Jennings and K. Michelle completely support. Unfortunately, it's not enough for Karlie. She missed Joseline and their friendship.

Aside explaining her sadness about her situation with Joseline, K. Michelle also revealed her distaste for Rasheeda as well as her time in London. But now that she made an appearance on this episode, are we going to see more of her? We hope so!

Despite her conversations with K. and Lyfe, Karlie finally sat down with Joseline. But what she thought would be a truce would actually be blackmail as Joseline waved an envelope of information in her face and threatened that she found out something that could ruin Karlie's life.

What is this tea? Tune in next week, and you'll find out.