Last month, producer Darius "Deezle" Harrison filed a whopping $20 million lawsuit against Lil Wayne, Young Money Records and Cash Money Records, claiming that he never received compensation for producing the rapper's 2008 hit 'Lollipop.' After letting news of the suit simmer, Deezle is finally speaking on the conflict, putting out a press release that addresses his actions.

The beatsmith revealed that his entourage prompted him to release the statement. "After consultation with my team I have decided to make a statement as it relates to the litigation pending against Cash Money and Young Money," he said. "At this time I am owed a sufficient amount of money and will protect the rights afforded me by the State of New York. My team is of the opinion that the matter will be resolved in a timely fashion."

In addition to suing for 'Lollipop,' Deezle filed a suit over the 2008 song 'Mrs. Officer,' for which he is seeking $2.5 million in unpaid royalties. Shortly after filing his suits, the three-time Grammy-winning producer distanced himself from associate Rasheed "Ralo Wonder" Harrison, who he claimed would come after other labels who hadn't ponied up what they were owed.

"Mr. Harrison was terminated from a trial basis management agreement for various indiscretions which include forgery, misrepresentation, and lack of knowledge of the music industry," Deezle continued in the statement. "At this vital moment in my career it is imperative to have seasoned, educated individuals assisting me in my ventures."

Deezle isn't the only one going after Weezy. 'Lollipop' co-writer and producer Jim Jonsin filed a $500,000 against him for the same reason, while 'A Milli' producer Bangladesh sued for the same sum over similar allegations.

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