Lil Wayne is back in legal trouble. The Grammy winner and his Cash Money/Young Money family are the subject of a lawsuit filed by producer Darius "Deezle" Harrison, who claims he never received pay for his work on Weezy's single, 'Lollipop.'

According to TMZ, Harrison is seeking an astronomical $20 million for his production skills, revealing that the song has grossed close to $70 million since its release. Harrison also produced the songs 'Whip It,' 'Prostitute 2,' 'Action,' 'Mrs. Officer' and 'Let the Beat Build,' all off 'Tha Cater III' album, which sold over 6 million copies worldwide.

Released in 2008, 'Lollipop' spent five consecutive weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The single went on to sell 5 million copies and won Wayne the Grammy for Best Rap Song at the 2009 ceremony.

Unfortunately, Wayne has a history of failing to pay producers. Fellow 'Lollipop' producer and co-writer Jim Jonsin filed a $500,000 suit against the rapper for unpaid royalties on the single, while producer Bangladesh, who worked on Wayne's 'A Milli,' also sued for half a million bucks for non-payment.

"It's really out of his control honestly," Bangladesh told The BoomBox of the lawsuit, which has since been settled. "I mean he don't run the label, he don't own the label -- he's just on the label. I just got an email from my attorney saying they're getting the exact number of what I'm owed and things will be taken care of."

With their legal beef now squashed, the two reunited for Weezy's current single '6 Foot 7 Foot,' off his forthcoming 'Tha Carter IV' album, due out in May.

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