When Zoe Kravitz and her band LOLAWOLF wanted to make a video for their new single, "Bitch," the band recruited Miley Cyrus to join in on the fun.

Directed by Trouble Andrew, the home video-style visual gives us a gritty look at what two girls do when they're just chilling in a hotel room. At the clip's start, Zoe's in bed wearing nothing but her undies. When she's up, we see her in the bathroom cleaning herself up. While she's playing with a toy shotgun, Miley walks in wearing a white jumpsuit but soon takes it all off to show off her skimpy lingerie. The pair dance around and play cards decorated with Hannah Montana's face -- in their underwear.

"Who's a bad ass bitch / That nobody heard that everybody heard of / Now everybody heard that / Now everybody heard," Zoe raps on the hook. This is certainly a banger for the summer.

At the end of the video, we see Zoe pop a bottle of champagne, take a swig before she and Miley head out for what will likely be an awesome night about town. The filming quality of the video reminds us of Lucki Eck$'s "Ouch Ouch" visual starring FKA Twigs and it's just as trippy.

LOLAWOLF released their debut LP, Calm Down, in October, which you can purchase on iTunes. They also teamed up with A$AP Rocky on the track, "Jimmy Franco," which you can watch below.

Watch LOLAWOLF's "Jimmy Franco" Video Feat. A$AP Rocky

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