FKA Twigs is one of the more creative and eccentric artists when it comes to creating music videos. Remember the visual for 'Two Weeks'? That alone was a moving art piece. So when rapper Lucki Eck$ teamed up with the singer for his track 'Ouch Ouch,' the U.K. native took the reigns and not only starred in but also directed the effort.

The video takes place in a bedroom and is filmed like an old '90's home movie. The singer, who's dressed in a white vintage dress, is the focal point. She's surrounded by religious objects and candles, which could be part of a seance or some kind of spiritual possession, all recorded on VHS tape.

Between the video's fuzziness and static, a snake slithers its way around the folds of her dress and soon ends up around her neck -- with a little help from Twigs, of course.

As the echoing and vibrating metallic beat forms the foundation of the track, Eck$ lays down his verses while Twigs, who also produced the song, adds vocals here and there. "Harder / I love you / Harder now," she coos in her delicate voice.

'Ouch Ouch' will appear on the 18-year-old Chicago rhymer's upcoming release, 'BODY HIGH.'