Singer Lloyd is getting into the holiday spirit the best way that he knows how: through music. The Atlanta native recently recorded two Christmas songs, 'You & Me (This Christmas)' and 'She's All I Want for Christmas,' the latter of which he performed on 'A Very BET Christmas Special,' which aired on the cable network earlier this month, and showcased in a new video on The BoomBox Wednesday (Dec. 21).

Despite putting out a couple of holiday tracks, the 25-year-old isn't yet ready to commit to doing an entire holiday album. "I would like to record a holiday album but I would like to record one that could stand the test of time," he tells The BoomBox. "I feel like the music that I grew up listening to, it's still so good that I think things like that comes with time. Sometimes, those holiday albums could be recorded in two to three months or two to three years before you actually release it as a a collection."

Noting some of his favorite Christmas songs as 'Little Drummer Boy,' by the Jackson 5 and James Brown's 'Santa Clause Go Straight to The Ghetto,' Lloyd is content with releasing holiday singles for now. "There's a lot of great albums that came out from [Michael] Buble ['Christmas'] to [Justin] Bieber ['Under the Mistletoe']. I'm happy that I was able to get my first original idea out there. Maybe next year we'll be able to put out a whole album."

'She's All I Want for Christmas' is available for download via iTunes.

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