Following the release of Sept. 5th in 2016, Canadian duo of Daniel Daley and Nineteen85, also known as dvsn, are back with their latest album, Morning After. 

The 13-song project features the previously released singles "Think About Me," "Don't Choose" and "Mood." Production on the album is handled by group member Nineteen85, while the rest of the project includes no guest features.

Stream Morning After and check out the tracklist below.

Morning After Tracklist

1. "Run Away"

2. "Nuh time/Tek time"

3. "Keep Calm"

4. "Think About Me"

5. "Don't Choose"

6. "Mood"

7. "P.O.V."

8. "You Do"

9. "Morning After"

10. "Can't Wait"

11. "Claim"

12. "Body Smile"

13. "Conversations in a Diner"

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