In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the U.S. island territory of Puerto Rico has been left devastated.  With no power across the island, lack of communication and unknown timeline for recovery, actor Lin-Manuel Miranda has stepped up to pen a column making a plea for help.

In his piece for The Hollywood Reporter, Miranda shared stories of his family, which many Puerto Ricans living on the island or in the mainland United States can relate to. "My late grandfather's dream home is in pieces — the roof and the porch, gone," he wrote.

Miranda added, "Puerto Ricans need supplies and resources just as badly as their fellow Americans in Texas and Florida, and this need is magnified by their geographic isolation from the mainland."

The Hamilton star ended his column on a powerful note, reminding Americans that Puerto Ricans are also citizens too.

"With so much to be done and such great urgency before us, let's use our own winds of change to help Puerto Rico dig out and rise up," he wrote. "Do it for Daniela and Camila and their dreams. Do it for your fellow citizens. Thank you."

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