Lil Yachty’s album release party on Thursday (May 25) in Hollywood got crazy! The Atlanta rapper dropped his debut studio album Teenage Emotions on Friday (May 26) and he was already clearly in turn up mode for the big release.

Prior to his album release party, Yachty hung out on Hollywood Blvd with a throng of fans following his every move; and Yachty--ever gracious--chopped it up with the people and signed autographs.

TMZ reports that the crowd eventually made its way to the Loews Hollywood Hotel for the album release party. Things were going relatively "normal" at the party, until Yachty jumped on a table and grabbed a microphone.

“Food Fight!” Of course, the place got crazy.

As XXXTentacion’s “Look at Me" played, the crowd engaged in one of the most epic food fights ever; throwing food, plates and whatever else. No police were not called.

You can check out a clip from Yachty on the street above the story; and peep some more of the clips below.

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