Here’s a little known fact that you probably didn’t know about Lil Yachty -- he truly loves pizza. So much so, he claims that he eats it everyday. To share in his love for pizza, Lil Boat converted New York pizza restaurant Famous Ben’s into Yachty’s Pizzeria.

The pop-up pizza shop will be opened on Friday (Aug. 25) and Saturday (Aug. 26) from 12PM-7PM, and Lil Yachty will be there to serve you a slice, according to his Instagram page. You can purchase a limited-edition slice or the special large pizza "The Lil Yachty" complete with the Yachty's Pizzeria x Famous Ben's pizza box.

Along with the pizza, there also Lil Yachty merchandise to cop. According to Eater, among the items up for retail include T-shirts and hats featuring the “Yachty’s Pizzeria” logo. There’s also a $100 satin bomber jacket bearing the logo as well.

If you're in New York, head down to Yachty's Pizzeria and grab ya a slice. Remember, safety first, make sure you use two paper plates.

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