Lil Yachty may be a rising rap star but he’s no punk. Case in point: During his performance showcase at the 2017 SXSW, the young rapper almost yoked up a fan who was unhappy with his performance.

In the video above, Lil Boat is wrapping up his rendition of “Broccoli” and wasn’t happy with the crowd’s lackluster response to the song. “Damn that s--- was so crazy,” Yachty said. “That s--- sounded like y’all dreaded that s---.”

Apparently, one angry fan did dread his performance and made his thoughts known to Yachty. “You got no energy, n----,” he yelled.

This prompted the Altanta rhymer to call the man out and threatened to lay hands on him. “Me? What the f--- you want me to do?” he replied before adding, “Yeah, shut yo’ ass up n----. Suck my d---, how bout that.”

Members of Yachty's crew also started throwing water and juice drinks at the concertgoer. The "All In" rapper - flanked by two burly security guys - stood his ground and taunted the angry fan to come up on stage.

Thankfully, the fan left the venue and Yachty continued on with his show. Hopefully, Lil Yachty won't have to confront any patrons when he embarks on his own tour later this year.

Watch the drama unfold above.

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