There's no love lost between Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty and Hot 97's Ebro. The two were back at it again today (Aug. 18), trading mild insults on Twitter.

The exchange started when Yachty dug up an old tweet from January, which called him “the new Nas.” Yachty didn't take so well to that comparison.

“Ion wanna be Nas, I wanna be rich," he responded before quoting the “new Nas” tweet and writing, “I love this tweet for the simple fact of how mad it will make old people.”

Ebro took offense to Lil Boat's comments and responded later in the day, accusing him of trolling. Of course, Yachty was anticipating his response and quickly retorted with, “Godddd I was waiting on u Gpa ebro how ya doin take ur meds and drink coffee this morning?”

Ebro eventually replied.

"I knew you was son," he wrote. "U still dressing funny & being goofy since u left home? Lemme know when this phase is over."

Yachty, who makes music that's clearly specifically targeted for a young demographic, has commented previously about his disdain for so-called "serious" rap.

“It’s just fun, it’s not serious," he said of his music in an interview with Tidal. "I hate serious rap. It’s boring. Serious rap music puts me to sleep.”

His comments have put him at odds with Ebro, who is an obvious fan of lyrical rap. Yachty released Summer Songs 2, the follow up to his breakout mixtape, Lil Boat in July, and on the mixtape he targets Ebro's station with a song, "Hot 97."

Beyond his quarreling with "old" hip hop heads, last month, Yachty released So Many People on Apple Music, which was accompanied by a short film, Keep Sailing.

Yachty and Ebro aside, this is an interesting debate that will probably only continue.

Check out the exchange below.

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