The cops just love running up on Weezy. According to TMZ, Lil Wayne is very perturbed with the recent work orchestrated by Miami Beach Police. Last week, the Young Money general had another run-in with the police at his mansion. And now, he wants out of his home.

For over a year now, Wayne has been working diligently in trying to sell his plush home to the right buyer. While he patiently waited for a bite, he decided to stay at his crib until the right offer swung his way. Since police have a penchant for everything pertaining to Lil Wayne, they invaded his crib once again. If you recall, back in 2015, Wayne was sacked by a slew of cops when they invaded his home. During that time, Miami Beach Police responded to a call from his crib saying that four people had been shot. Of course, that wasn't the case at all. The cops were duped and fell victim to swatting.

Following that incident, Wayne issued out a tweet to all of his worrisome fans, conveying that he was fine. Then, last week, a prankster called the cops claiming that someone was bleeding profusely at Weezy's residence. Vexed with the situation at hand, Wayne asked the cops to simply take him to jail. So with a myriad of issues ranging from people snapping pics in front of his crib to cops constantly checking in on him, Wayne is leaving his house up to chance, and is ready to vacate the area.

As of now, Wayne is selling his mansion for a whopping $18 million. At first he was wiling to live there until it sold, but now he just wants out, and will let it sit empty until it's completely off of his hands.

He purchased the house back in 2006 for $12 million. It seems as if September is really chewing away at Wayne. First, he entertained the thought of retirement because of his contentious feud with Birdman, and now this. Do you guys think Wayne is going to find a buyer? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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