Incarcerated Young Money rapper Lil Wayne has reportedly filed a lawsuit against a former booking agent whom he has accused of stealing $375,000 from him in 2009.

On August 16, lawyers for Wayne and his Young Money Touring Inc. filed suit against Ujaama Talent Agency Inc. in the New York Supreme Court for electing to "divert to Ujaama's own bank account an amount not less than $375,000."

Ujaama has organized and scheduled tours for Wayne on a non-exclusive basis for years, however, according to the suit, the two parties got into a dispute over Wayne's America's Most Wanted tours which went on in the summer and winter of 2009.

Following the tours, Wayne approached Ujaama in late 2009 about booking yet another national run, before he began to serve his current prison sentence. The booking agency, then, claiming that they were still owed money from their previous tours, diverted $375,000 to their account. Though Wayne's lawyer repeatedly requested that the money be returned to Wayne & Young Money Touring, Ujaama refused.

The case does not yet have a court date. Wayne is scheduled to be released from Rikers Island on November 4, and will be performing in a welcome home concert on November 5.