A collaboration between Lil Uzi Vert and Dave East may be one of the last thing hip-hop fans ever expected but that's exactly what they got when Uzi and East dropped their new song, "Don't Try Me."

Produced by Luca Vialli, Lil Uzi handles the first half of the song,

"Why you hating, I'm filling my pockets/Everything I wear, yeah, is so rare/Blinded by my diamonds, yeah/Wrists so glare/Most of ya be fake, so why would I play fair?/Getting money yeah I started styling/Take your girl to the mall started shopping/Overseas yeah we went to an island/She fly free cause I'm platinum medallion," he raps on the first verse.


Then Dave East takes over rapping, "I dropped a fish in a pack/I drove a Benz out the lap/I got your bitch in the trap/Roll up and split by the caps/I got the grip in my coat/We send your bitch to the store/That foreign, I'm whipping it slow/Make her call my amigo go pick up the coke (Que lo que)."

Dave East is still on a promo run in support of his last project, Paranoia: A True Story, while Vert just showed upon the stacked soundtrack for the new Will Smith flick, Bright.

Listen to "Don't Try Me" below.

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