From child rapper to felon. That may be the way things end up for Lil Twist after his vicious brawl with actor Chris Massey. Authorities just issued a felony warrant for him, according to TMZ.

The official charges on the warrant are for robbery and home invasion, obviously two very serious crimes, so the 21-year-old rapper is definitely in serious trouble.

The celebrity website reports that the fight stemmed from a Nov. 9 argument that took place in Kyle Massey's apartment -- Chris' brother -- earlier that night. And things took a violent turn for the worse when the YMCMB artist returned with four other guys and allegedly beat up the Massey brothers with brass knuckles, although Twist denies that any weapons were used.

But here's what's strange about the report: Massey's lawyer says that charges were filed against Twist, but the Los Angeles District Attorney says otherwise, and that charges weren't actually filed yet. However, police did confirm that they are looking for the four men that the rapper allegedly brought with him.

Stay tuned, because more information about this story is bound to spill out in the days and weeks to come. If the story is true that Twist has been charged with robbery and home invasion, picking his next single and video director will be the least of his problems.

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