Lil Twist may have been caught red-handed with weed in his vehicle when he was pulled over last year in California, but he was still able to walk away with a slap on the wrist.

According to TMZ, the Texas native was in court this week to answer to the crime, however, prosecutors couldn't charge him with a DUI. For one, they couldn't prove that he was too high to drive. Also, his field sobriety test was only "moderately bad" and police waited an hour and 46 minutes before taking a blood sample.

Twist was pulled over for speeding in Calabasas in July 2013, and cops immediately saw a lit blunt in the car. From there, the rapper was forced to undergo a field sobriety test, which included walking a straight line and touching his nose with his index finger. He failed both tests. After being booked at the police station and taking a blood test, it was confirmed he was under the influence of marijuana.

This week, the D.A. rejected the case and Twist walked away with three tickets for speeding, passing a red light and possessing under one ounce of marijuana.

Justin Bieber's boy experienced a rather happy ending to a situation that could've landed him in serious trouble.

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