The King of Crunk is taking over Las Vegas. Beginning Nov. 24, Lil Jon has announced that he will begin a monthly DJ residence at Las Vegas nightclub Surrender, in the Wynn Hotel, for their Surrender Your Wednesdays party. Though best known for his production and adlibs, Jon began his career as a So So Def DJ in Atlanta, and has apparently been planning a return to the 1's and 2's for some time now, albeit perhaps not in the way fans might expect.

"I was a house DJ in the '90s actually," Jon told MTV at the 2010 Winter Music Conference. "House has always been a part of me. I love house music." Having proved himself surprisingly well-versed in the history of house music at WMC, Jon will be joining popular dance music DJ Steve Aoki as part of the lineup at Surrender, along with a rotating list of reputable DJ's.

"When I DJ I like to give people memories," Lil Jon said in a statement about his upcoming residency. "I want them to feel like it's New Year's Eve. I want them to release, to lose control and party, party, party! Surrender is an amazing venue and I cannot wait to make the people there get out of their mind!"

Lil Jon's first solo album, 'Crunk Rock' album is in stores now.

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