Chris Brown has officially been fired from his Las Vegas residency at Drai's Nightclub for refusing to apologize to the owners after accusing them of running a racist establishment. The singer slammed the club on Instagram not too long ago with a picture of an "empty" club stating the following:

“(EMPTY)DRAIS has some people working for them that always are on a power trip. Some racist ****. I PACK THIS CLUB OUT EVERY SINGLE TIME MY NAME IS ON THE FLYER. I KEEP THE LIGHTS ON IN THIS PLACE," Brown ranted via a now-deleted Instagram post. "I ain’t no slave or an employee of this establishment. SO MAKE SURE YOU PUT SOME RESPEK ON MY NAME!”

The owners and management were not happy about the rant and gave Brown a simple ultimatum, apologize or get out. CB wasn't having it.

But the Drai's management says it wasn't just the IG post. Chris' recent behavior has "garnered negative public attention", according to the letter management wrote, causing concern for entire establishment.

The many recent concerns can include Chris getting kicked out of an Ibiza villa and sued for the several damages, or his manager allegedly suing him for assault, or his public lack of respect for women.

Neither party have released further statements since the firing.


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