Donald Trump continues to offend people with his past lewd comments. This time, the Republican presidential hopeful reportedly called Lil Jon an “Uncle Tom” while filming the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice back in 2013.

According to The Daily Beast, Jon was dressed up like Uncle Sam for that day’s challenge and when Trump heard about the costume he jokingly said that he was dressed like “Uncle Tom." Three Apprentice staff members confirmed to The Daily Beast that the incident did occurred.

One staffer told the news website that Trump appeared to have no idea that the term is derogatory to black people. "He just couldn’t grasp that it was offensive...When [Trump] decides he wants to do something, that’s his way,” the staffer said.

This adds to the laundry list of kerfuffles Trump has been involved in regarding his comments about women, people of color and war veterans. Recently, producer Mike Dean poked fun at Trump for his awful "Grab them by the p----" remark in reference to how he likes to sexually assault women. Trump has since apologized for his remark.

Lil Jon has responded to The Daily Beast's report and revealed that Trump did indeed called him an Uncle Tom. But the rapper and the other cast members did addressed the billionaire tycoon accordingly about the offensive term. Read his tweet below:

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