Chicago rapper Lil Herb has seen his profile skyrocket this year on the heels of the success his cohort Lil Bibby experienced last year. A major collaboration with Nicki Minaj and the release of his 'Welcome to Fazoland' mixtape earlier this year played a major role in his rise, but the remix of his song 'Fight or Flight,' off the aforementioned project, may best represent what he brings to the table.

The track sees fellow Chicago natives Common and Chance the Rapper join Herb to share their experiences of surviving in the Windy City. The powerful song, which was released back in August, now gets the visual treatment. The video features news footage, including some from the aftermath of Michael Brown's tragic death in Ferguson, Missouri, spliced in with shots of the three rappers in their hometown.

While the veteran Common and budding star Chance the Rapper are certainly welcomed additions on the remix, Herb's visceral rhymes truly set the tone of the song. His second verse, in particular, stands out.

"I've seen mommas treat their daughters like the scum of the Earth / Snake n----s put their homies since they was young on a shirt / It's your life, well, tell me what it's worth / Cause when you come across that death you don't get another birth, you better live it up," he raps. "Haters want me dead, they better work, I ain't gonna give it up / F--k around get hit with every one like you ain't feel enough / P---y n----s gotta feel the drugs before they start feeling tough / In the streets I'm trying to feel the love but I ain't feeling nothing."

He continues with spreading love for success and his crew as well as asking Bibby for advice. "I love my squad, I love the hustle / I love success cause I'm from the struggle / I used to think that I could go back what I used to do / Now I cry less and less at all my homies' funerals / It's hard but it's gonna get harder and harder / Why momma always tell me just be smart and keep your guard up / I said to myself, 'Check your back, put your squad up' / Bibby tell me how to keep your head above water," Herb rhymes.

The No DJ version of Lil Herb's critically-acclaimed mixtape, 'Welcome To Fazoland,' can be downloaded now on DatPiff.

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