It's both a Chicago affair and a meeting of conscious and street hip-hop on Lil Herb's remix to 'Fight or Flight,' featuring Common and Chance the Rapper.

Right off the bat Herb drops passionate bars about struggle and trying to survive his tough neighborhood.

"I'm from where mothers don't care and babies get killed / Where you gotta rob and go steal for stomachs to fill," he spits.

Common's verse also paints a grim picture of what hood life is like in Chi-raq and uses some pretty stellar wordplay.

"The block gets hotter when the streets is dried up / We react like shottas when n----s is fired up / On some James Brown s--- I'ma' take you higher / To say alive n----s still living like 'The Wire,' he raps.

Chance the Rapper also delivers strong bars as well and goes into detail about coming up as a youth.

All three rappers bring a true grittiness to the song, while providing thought-provoking lyrics. It's a feat rarely heard in today's rap climate.

Listen to Lil Herb's 'Fight or Flight Remix' Feat. Common & Chance The Rapper

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