Six days after releasing his recent mixtape, They Forgot, Lil Durk reflects over his success, friends lost and the dreams he's made come true along the way in his heartfelt visual, "Rich Forever."

With the help of Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci, Durk explains his personal from-nothing-to-something tale and his promise to take care of his friends and family forever.

"I just lost my n--- this summer/First hundred thou', like look at this money/I tell 'em all the time, who seen it comin'/We really, really, really came from nothin' like/I told my boys we rich forever/I told my boys we rich forever/Even though I do rappin', man we rich together/I told my boys we rich forever."

As D moves between his friend's funeral and a nearby church, he promises to keep their dreams alive so they can be "rich forever."

Watch the video above and listen to Lil Durk's new mixtape, They Forgot, here.


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