Incarcerated rapper Lil Boosie has a fan in a fellow MC, Mingo Baby. The indie rhymer, signed to Hoodii Boy Entertainment, showcased his appreciation for the locked up entertainer by inking his face with a Free Lil Boosie tattoo.

In a two-minute video clip, Mingo Baby flaunts his jewelry -- a tiny cross chain -- and sips on a bottle of store bought lean -- cough syrup -- while explaining his reasons for getting the surprising facial art over his right eye -- check the photo of it below.

"Boosie my motherf---in' n----," he shouts. "I done rocked shows with this n----, man. He one hundred. I love that n----. I love his pain, b... I take the pain away. I ask God to take the pain away. I pray every day. I don't give a f--- what ya'll think, man."

Mingo Baby goes on to throw out expletives and ramble about "This my face" and "This my life." No word on whether or not Lil Boosie is an associate of Mingo or has caught wind of his new tattoo.

In November, Boosie was sentenced to eight years in prison for drug-smuggling. The Louisiana-born rhymer plead guilty to attempting to sneak illegal substances into two separate correctional facilities -- the Dixon Correctional Center and the Angola State Penitentiary. He is currently awaiting sentencing on two other murder charges as well.

Watch Mingo Baby Speak on His Free Lil Boosie Tattoo