After six days of testimony, rapper Lil Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, was found not guilty of first-degree murder charges. The "Bad Azz" rapper faced life in prison if convicted.

Hatch was accused of soliciting hitman Marlo Mike, born Michael Louding, to murder Terry Boyd for $2,800. Boyd, 35, was found dead in his Baton Rouge, La., home in October 2009. While Louding, 16, originally was said to have admitted his guilt in killing Boyd to law enforcement, he backtracked his words in court earlier this week, saying he had been forced by police into a confession.

Prosecutors tried to use Louding's statements, cell phone records and infamously tried to use Lil Boosie's gun-loving rap lyrics (i.e."five dead in six months" and "Yo Marlo, he drive a Monte Carlo, dat' bitch grey, I want him dead today, here go the cake") as evidence in the trial.

Despite almost 30 witnesses taking the stand for the prosecution, the defense shied away from calling anyone to the stand in the week-long trial, according to Billboard. A jury of nine women and three men took an hour to agree on the not guilty verdict.

In 2011, Boosie wasn't so lucky when it came to drug smuggling charges. He was found guilty of trafficking illegal substances into two separate correctional facilities and sentenced to eight years in the slammer.

He will remain in jail to finish his sentence on the drug-related charges.

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