Lil Boosie's first-degree murder trial is underway and seven anonymous jurors were "tentatively accepted" Tuesday (May 1), according to The Advocate. The selection was made in the case of the Baton Rouge native, born Torrence Hatch, after the judge presiding over the trial questioned the individuals, in addition to questions asked by a prosecutor and the rapper's attorney.

Questions topics asked of the jurors ranged from "gangsta rap'' to their knowledge of the extensive media coverage of the case. Made up of five women and two men, the jurors were ordered by State District Judge Mike Erwin to report to the 19th Judicial District Court on Thursday morning (May 3).

"Torrence is ready to have his case heard,'' said Jason Williams, one of Lil Boosie's attorneys.

Opening statements are reportedly set to be heard Thursday morning. The prosecutor and the "Incarcerated" creator's attorneys will give the statements, depending on how many jurors are confirmed and selected Wednesday (May 2). There will be 12 jurors and two alternate jurors will be enlisted.

In this case, the jury's verdict does not have to be unanimous.

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