After spending five years at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, Lil Boosie is a free man and he’s ready to talk. The New Orleans rhymer held a press conference today (March 10) in his hometown to discuss his newfound freedom and the future of his rap career.

With over 180,000 people watching the live stream of the media event, Lil Boosie was all smiles and looking brolic after serving his prison stint.

"They said I had more release dates than Jordan," joked Boosie about several release postponements.

Now a free man, Boosie wants to focus on family and his music.

"It feels like those good dreams I had in jail," he continued. "I’m still enjoying the moment. Right now, it’s really about soaking in my time with my kids and the studio."

During his chat with Power 105.1 'The Breakfast Club' host Angela Yee, Boosie revealed that he wrote over 1,000 songs while serving his 52-month prison term. "I got more stories to tell and I’m a better artist," he said.

As for his label situation, the 'Set It Off' rapper said that he’s with Trill Entertainment via Atlantic Records. He hopes to reconstruct his contract with Atlantic so he will be able to complete his album.

"I got people at Atlantic who gonna ride for me. I got Jeezy over there at Atlantic," the rhymer stated.

Speaking of Snowman, Boosie recently posted a photo of himself and Jeezy in the studio together. "Better believe it. Boosie home," the caption for the image reads.

Back to the press conference, Lil Boosie is still adapting to technology and social media. Although he has an official Twitter page, he has yet to write a tweet. The rapper promised to start tweeting as soon as possible.

On the flip side, Boosie credits social media for introducing him to new fans who weren't familiar with him or his music.

"I already had millions of fans [before I went away]," he said. "But I feel like I got more fans because of social media that my name was always in something."

"So I think a lot of people who didn’t even buy my CDs was like, 'Let me check out this dude,' and that’s how I get 'em," he continues. "If you listen to my music that’s how I get 'cha."


Now that he’s recording music, Boosie has a wish list of people he would like to work with. Surprisingly, on the top of his list is pop singer Justin Bieber, who has had several run-ins with the law recently.

When it was suggested that Biebs would be a bad influence on him, Boosie shrugged the commet off and suggested that he would like to be his mentor. "I got hits for Justin," he revealed.

Next up on Boosie’s agenda is meeting his fans. He and his brother, Taquari Hatch, are hashing out dates for a proposed tour. Boosie says once he’s able to get permission from a judge and coordinate it with his probation officer he will hit the road by the end of the month.

“You can’t expect someone to come home and not feed his family,” he said. "We are gonna make it work."

Finally, Boosie thanked his supporters and his fans for showing him love.

"First I want to thank God for bringing me back because a lot of people counted me out," he explained. "I went through some stuff in prison and you will hear that in the music."

Before the press conference, fellow rappers Bun B, Jeezy and Webbie saluted Boosie on his return home from jail. Bun B said this was a great day in hip-hop.

Boosie’s mother, Connie Hatch, who recently retired after 30 years of teaching in public schools, said she was grateful that her son is home.

"I was just want to thank everybody and all the supporters," she told the audience. "Get ready for him because everything is moving in the right direction."

Welcome home, Lil Boosie!