Lil Bibby is on his way to college.

The "You Ain't Gang" rapper, who plans to major in computer engineering, went on Instagram to announce the news.

“I got two college visits today. They tryna give me full scholarships,” he said. "I gotta do a few shows and when I come back, I’m going to ISU [Illinois State University]. I’m gonna go check out the campus and meet with a couple of the staff. Just to let you know I’m not bulls--------. I’m going to school for computer engineering. I’ma do two years first. If I get pass them two, I’ma f--- around and go back for the other two.”

And it seems that Bibby is not fooling around with this decision. He's got a plan. (And he might get a basketball scholarship, he says.)

“I got it all mapped out. I’m on my s---. They think I’m bulls-------. I’m going to college, man, fareal. You’ll have to call me Dr. Bib in the future. And I got another college tryna give me a full basketball scholarship, but I know I’m washed up.”

Lil Bibby isn't the only celebrity heading back to the books. Nick Cannon is currently enrolled in Howard University studying strategic legal and management communications.

As for Lil Bibby, he's set to release his highly-anticipated album, FC3 the Epilogue. The LP is slated to arrive on Nov. 18.

In the meantime, check out Lil Bibby's announcement video above.


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