Chicago is in a state of emergency. As the city is still reeling from an autumn of gun violence, including the senseless murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee, it’s time to stop the violence and increase the peace.

Chi-town rapper Lil Bibby is all too familiar with the violence since he once hustled on those same dangerous street corners. Now he wants to kick the truth to the young black youth on “Speak to Em," which features fellow Chicagoan Common.

Now don’t get it twisted, this is not a preachy song. There's no "self-destruction" sing-a-longs here. Lil Bibby knows that his fans don’t want to hear a lecture. Instead, the 21-year-old drops a cautionary tale of a street hustler who gets locked up after his trap house gets raided.

"You was on top, but that s--- ain’t end right / Out witnessing the judge, will lose you / He ain’t even send you money for a pack of noodles / Thought he was real but he f---in’ fooled you / Different hood, same story, it’s the f---in’ usual," he raps.

Common also delivers a standout verse as he raps about his tough upbringing in Chicago and promises to stand behind the youth living in Chi-Raq.

"I was that n---- that rolled up and smacked n----s / Now I yell 'Free Allah, bless the trap n----s'", he spits, adding, "From Rothschild to white owls livin’ for the right now / My n----s never lied down / Don’t sleep on my city, we keep it a buck fifty / That’s why I f--- with Bibby, hear me?"

The Jake One-produced "Speak to Em" will appear on Lil Bibby's new mixtape, FC3 (aka Free Crack 3), which is expected to arrive on Nov. 27.

Listen to Lil Bibby's "Speak to Em" Feat. Common

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