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Lil Bibby is a promising up-and-coming Chicago rapper but he’s also a high school dropout. Although he’s making his way in the rap game, it’s very important that he has an education -- at the very least a high-school diploma.

Last year, during his appearance on Sirius XM's Sway in the Morning radio show, the Free Crack creator revealed that kids in neighborhood of Chicago don’t feel school is important. Bibby cited poverty, lack of jobs and a lack of hope as the reason why his friends would rather sell drugs than get an education.

Bibby also added that he only needed one more credit to graduate. He had 19 credits and needed 20 to get his high school diploma. Host Sway Calloway urged the young rapper to get his GED and he promised to do so.

On Thursday (March 12), Bibby shared a photo on Instagram that showcased the grades he earned for his GED -- all straight A's less. The "Game Over" rapper tagged Sway and co-host Heather B because they promised to throw him a graduation party if he received his GED. See Sway's tweet below.

Props to Lil Bibby for obtaining his GED and showing the importance of getting an education. Hopefully, this message will resonate with his fans and the Chicago school system, which are failing the city's students.

"Dumb rappers need teaching" is not just a Biggie verse. Go get that education.

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