Lil B stopped by the University of Nevada: Reno to spread some positivity to the students.

The Based God has spoken at a number of top tier universities including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, University of California: Los Angeles, Virginia Tech and Carnegie Mellon.

This time, the "Wonton Soup" rapper took his talents to Nevada where he gave a talk that lasted over an hour. Now, anyone with access to the internet can hear the lecture that's "extremely rare" according to Lil B.

One of our favorite gems from the lecture is a quote that he made "specifically" for the students on the West Coast. "‘Make sure you are happy for today, because thinking too much about tomorrow, you can forget it.'," he said.

Since it's release, the lecture gained over 5,000 views on YouTube. Not too bad since did some extensive preparation for it. "I have been meditating for this," he tweeted before giving the speech back in May.

No word yet on who he'll curse next though now that his infamous hex has been lifted from NBA player Kevin Durant. But, if you feel like settling in and hearing some words from Lil B, check out the video above. Also, peep his tweets about the speech below.