Arguably, Lil B is the most tolerant rapper in the world, so fans were quite shocked to find out that he was banned on Facebook for allegedly posting hate speech.

On Monday (Oct. 9), the Based God found himself suspended for 30 days from the popular social networking website. “Found out Facebook banned me for 30 days becuase I was talking about white it," he tweeted.

Facebook did indeed shut down the rapper’s page for violating its hate speech policy. Fans were able to resurrect Lil B's Facebook posts that got him suspended (see below).

Judging by his commentary, it looks like the Bay Area rhymer was talking about gun control in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting. Mentioning that white people are violent somehow raised a red flag at Facebook headquarters.

Lil B later went on Twitter to address his Facebook ban in a series of tweets. Overall, the Based God said that he doesn't advocate hate and has always been a beacon for peace and love.

"Lil B and hate don’t even go together," he wrote. "Lil b and hate speech? Really? Lil b pushing a hate angenda? Ill be silent love u."

"I made it cool to be positive and love others. We [gonna] be all good I love you and your family," he concluded.

Check out Lil B's Twitter response below.

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